In two decades, Takista Structures Company has gained expertise in the fields of “building and construction”, “utilities and equipment”, construction of residential complexes, production and implementation of vertical insulation concrete formwork (V-ICF).

  • Grade 1 in Building and Construction
  • Grade 2 in Utilities and Equipment
  • Grade 5 in Road and Transportation
  • Manufacturer of vertical permanent insulation concrete form-work, V-ICF
  • Manufacturer and implementer of innovative building technologies
  • Mass constructor with innovative building technologies

The following projects have been implemented or are being implemented by our company.

Zeitoon project; Abu ghraib; TAKISTA project

Zeitoon project

2,500 residential units of Zeitoon project in Iraq, which is currently being implemented.

Jask crude oil power plant; substation building

Jask crude oil power plant

Construction of the substation building and foundations, explosion walls and fire walls of diesel generators and transformers of Jask crude oil power plant.

Jask crude oil monthly storage tank;
Jask power plant

Jask crude oil monthly storage tank

Construction of foundation of monthly storage tank of Jask crude oil power plant.

Bazarganan project; Commercial complex; Shiraz

Bazarganan project

Construction of Bazarganan commercial complex in Shiraz.

Mehr Lapui housing project; residential units; Imam reza project

Mehr Lapui housing project

Construction of 1100 residential units of Imam Reza Lapui town in Shiraz.

Mehr Shahreza housing project; residential units; Mehr Imam reza project

Mehr Shahreza housing project

Construction of 552 residential units of Mehr Shahreza housing project in Shahreza.

Mehr Parand housing project

Construction of 1100 residential units of Mehr Parand housing project in Tehran.

Atlas plaza; Foundation of Haqqani project; Parking and commercial complex

Haqqani project

Implementation of the foundation of Haqqani multi-story parking and commercial complex in Tehran.

Employee-management camp of phase 19 Asalouye project

Camp of phase 19 Asalouye project

Implementation of the employee-management camp, phase 19 Asalouye.